The popular choice for emergency reading glasses are pharmacy-bough frames, but check out the improvement that Glens puts forth. True backup glasses, these specs have been precisely designed to be carried absolutely everywhere with the wearer, slipping conveniently into a pocket, a wallet or even serving as a bookmark.

Indeed, these compact eyeglasses are thinner than your debit card and can be folded up into a case within the dimensions of your smartphone protector pocket. The malleable bridge can be formed around your nose for optimal comfort and visibility, with special padding and grips to guarantee a soft touch as well as perfect positioning. For anyone with a standard nearsighted prescription, Glens are the beall and end-all of backup glasses.

How Glens glasses came to be!

As many great ideas in the world are sparked by a personal need, so was the one behind Glens reading glasses. The founder of the company is an investor Andrei Astapenko, who is a frequent traveler due to his work. During his time away from home he had often felt the need to have a pair of backup reading glasses to keep in his wallet, use as a bookmark when reading and take to along on an airplane or restaurant.

As there were no such reading glasses available on the market, then three years ago Andrei decide to make his own ideal glasses. He shared his vision with an award-winning Estonian wooden eyewear designer Karl Annus, who then sketched the prototype of the world’s first Glens reading glasses. Before reaching production stage, Glens glasses had already won the international Red Dot Design award.

Manufacturing invisibility

The challenge for Karl Annus was not simple – design reading glasses, that fit on all nose shapes and sizes and at the same time are as thin and affordable as possible. Of course, a very high optical quality goes without saying.

To make Glens fit all users it had to be designed to be curved on the nose bridge. Using flexible materials, the glasses can stretch according to the size of the nose. The flexibility also helps to keep the glasses from falling off and helps to prevent squeezing when you have a more dashing nose.

Because of their small size, it was necessary to come up with a way to hold the glasses in a comfortable way. For this Glens glasses are equipped with three points for an advanced grip, letting you easily adjust their position.

The solution is to manufacture using plastic injection molding method. The material has been carefully chosen to have optical properties for lenses and at the same time elasticity for the nose bridge.

Dimensions and shape of the nose bridge ensure comfortable fit for almost all noses. Glenses weigh only 0.4 grams and can be carried in your wallet. The design was now in place and it was time to think about manufacturing.

It has never been easy to manufacture invisibility. This proved to be quite a challenge due to the unique design and requirements of the glasses. It was understood that to make these invisible glasses special materials and a different approach to manufacturing was needed.

As Estonian manufacturing companies lacked sufficient experience, we had to look elsewhere. Help came from the country which gave birth to such world-renowned optics as Carl Zeiss – Germany. Together with our German high-tech manufacturing partner, we tested different composite materials for making Glens. After a long deliberation, we arrived at the best choice for the material. They are tiny granules of high-quality co-polyester, making the reading glasses look practically invisible. The material has been carefully chosen to have the same optical properties as lenses while at the same time providing elasticity.

Thanks to these modern materials the glasses weigh less than one gram – truly invisible.

Where do Glens reading glasses fit in

Although Glens can easily fit in a wallet or a pocket, they are not meant to replace your regular reading glasses. Rather it is when you go traveling or visit the beach, a cafeteria or even a supermarket when you understand their true value. Thanks to their small size you can easily use Glens reading glasses together with your regular sunglasses during sunny days.

It is during these spontaneous visits when you can always find Glens backup reading glasses safely tucked away in your wallet so that you know you are not going to miss anything important.

Due to their very small size, it is important to keep Glens in a safe place so as not to lose them. For this, we have designed a special velvety pocket holder, which is the size of a credit card. Once you have finished using Glens just put the glasses back in the pocket holder and store them in your wallet or mobile phone cover. You will never forget your reading glasses again.

You should not worry even if they get lost. Thanks to their very low price and an easy-to-use ordering system, you are always just a few mouse clicks away from a new pair. Once ordered, you will receive the glasses in your mailbox through regular mail.

Where you can find your own pair of Glens

Glens backup reading glasses are available to order all over Europe. Just visit our online store to order your own pair or gift it to your loved ones.

Glens reading glasses do not need any prescription to use them and are available in three dioptric values:

  • +1.5 dpt
  • +2.0 dpt
  • +2.5 dpt

Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference.


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