Huge Demand for Cosmetic Contact Lenses in the Middle East

Data recently gathered by GfK Optics Panel highlights the huge demand for cosmetic contact lenses, which account for 50% of all lenses sold in Saudi Arabia (KSA), signifying the market sector’s major growth in the Middle East.

GfK Optics Panel, specialists in gathering relevant, up-to-date optical industry data, and offering invaluable sales and market insights, has pointed out significant growth in the market for cosmetic contact lenses. The Middle East is consequently being labeled a unique market due to the must-have nature of cosmetic contact lenses in the region.


Demand for contact lenses in the beauty category is particularly high in KSA, where more than 50% of all lenses sold fall under the description of cosmetic. Moreover, the UAE has demonstrated consistent demand levels for these lenses over the past two years, where the products have held a 34% value share since 2017. GfK found that demand for such products is generally stronger in GCC countries than in Europe, while sunglasses also garner a greater market impact in UAE and KSA compared to Europe, the result of year-round summer-like conditions the Middle East.


Within its database, GfK has collected information on the territory, contact details, GPS coordinates, shop size, product handling, and brand handling for more than 800 opticians in the UAE, along with over 1700 opticians in KSA. The panel’s findings bring attention to the competitive nature of the industry with in excess of 150 brands available in independent opticians throughout the region, and over 5700 different models of eyewear products for sale in the UAE alone. In addition, the research has shown that both Alcon and Johnson & Johnson have witnessed a considerable increase in demand for their spherical hydrogel contact lenses.        


Such accurate optical market data and insights provide retailers and exhibitors with plenty of food for thought ahead of the Dubai Optical Show – Vision X, from November 13th to 16th. Distributors and wholesalers will undoubtedly be keen to utilize the information to their advantage in an effort to stay on top of current market trends in the ever-competitive optical industry.    


Courtesy: GfK Optics Panel

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